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Columbus Bar Association is a partner of 2 BY 2012

The goal of 2 BY 2012 is for each citizen of central Ohio to bicycle to work or school, or run an errand by bike, two days a month by the Columbus bicentennial in 2012.

2 BY 2012 is both a challenge and a movement. As citizens of Columbus rise to the challenge and change the way we get to work, we can start a movement that will significantly benefit our lives, our economy and our community. Join the movement today by going to 'Your Profile', updating your rider bio and logging your first ride! Then get on your bike and spread the word. When we ride, we make a difference.
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March 31, 2013
  26 mile workout
March 29, 2013
  32 mile workout
March 17, 2013
  25 mile workout
March 16, 2013
  32 mile workout
January 12, 2013
  28 mile workout
December 16, 2012
did the alum creek trail to PP. Took a hard fall due to slick mud in underpass. saw someone else who also fell later same spot. Caution ther  34 mile workout
December 1, 2012
Carroll to Amanda.  42 mile workout
November 21, 2012
  20 mile workout
November 19, 2012
  32 mile workout
November 10, 2012
  22 mile workout
Carroll to Rushville. Lots of llamas and deer.  42 mile workout
November 3, 2012
home to Pickerington Ponds.  36 mile workout
October 20, 2012
up in knox county. gorgeous  30 mile workout
October 15, 2012
  20 mile workout
October 13, 2012
  30 mile workout
October 12, 2012
  18 mile workout
September 29, 2012
out and around the Grove City Big Darby area. Wonderful  40 mile workout
September 23, 2012
home to Groveport then points south. the wind made it a challenge to do what is normally a fairly eaay ride. all in all still a great day.  33 mile workout
September 21, 2012
  30 mile workout
September 19, 2012
Carroll to Rushville. Gorgeous Perfect ride.  42 mile workout
September 16, 2012
Groveport to Ashville again. Great ride.  30 mile workout
September 10, 2012
The Alum Creek trail. Looking for those bald eagles a friend spotted.  28 mile workout
September 9, 2012
Berwick to Ashville and return. Gorgeous day great route  50 mile workout
September 6, 2012
Carroll to Amanda. Never tire of this one. many ways too get there. little traffic. rollers. some climbs. all good.  44 mile workout
September 3, 2012
rode from Bexley to Batttelle Darby to see the bison. straight out Broad. Yuk. but the bison were worth it.  47 mile workout
August 30, 2012
did Millersport corn festival ride pre ride  47 mile workout
August 25, 2012
  45 mile workout
August 24, 2012
  25 mile errand
August 19, 2012
  38 mile workout
August 18, 2012
  24 mile workout